Luxurious soap for everyone, without the shady ingredients.

Silk Water is committed to crafting nourishing soap made with responsibly sourced ingredients and nothing else.

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Silk Water is currently sourcing ingredients from these suppliers:
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Nourish and exfoliate.
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Rejuvenate with botanicals.
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Support land stewardship.
Peppermint essential oil and fresh peppermint and sage.
What makes great soap?
· Botanical-based aromatics
· Certified organic oils and butters
· Physical and chemical exfoliants
· No "generally considered safe" ingredients
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Founder Chase Hudson on his farm in Brasstown, NC.
In 2015 Silk Water founder Chase Hudson started a farm business in rural Western North Carolina...

During that time, Chase developed a passion for formulating nourishing skincare, focusing on milk soap and regionally sourced botanicals.      

Now, Chase operates Silk Water from his apartment in Asheville, NC,  and continues his journey to transfer the enriching properties of trusted herbal remedies into soap for all skin types.